More Bra and Lingerie Stores

I would love to hang out all day in lingerie stores, examining closely all the pretty bras, panties, and other items. I’d love to rub the soft material against my cheeks and smell the sweet perfume. Even better if I was wearing my own bra and panties while browsing the displays and every time I saw something I liked, I would try it on right there in the open. Better yet if I was accompanied by a pretty young SA, also in bra and panties, to tell me the features of each product and help me fasten the bras that I try and smoothing each pair of panties around the large bulge that I couldn’t keep down. She could also try on different items that she liked and I would help her put them on.

Alas, this will never happen. In the real world I do visit lingerie stores when I can, but  I am always a gentleman and respectful of the staff. Here are a few more pictures of lingerie stores that I would love to visit but probably never will:

OLA JORDAN at Boux Avenue Launch at Westfield