I love everything about bras: I love to wear them, touch them, smell them. I love to buy them and sell them. I collect pictures of bras from the web and take my own pictures of them and I save mail order bra catalogs. I read about bras and write about bras. My sex life is focused around bras.

Other than those things I am a pretty normal person. My birth certificate and drivers license say that I am male, and I am generally content with that, though I may have a little female mixed in. I believe that gender is a spectrum and one can be at either end of the scale or anywhere in between and ones position can change over their life.

I don’t know how many bras I own, but it is in the hundreds. Many of them I wear, but many more I have purchased just because they are pretty or unusual. I don’t need to wear a bra since my breasts are tiny to nonexistent but it feels right to me to wear one whenever I can, often with silicone forms to fill them out. I live in the central US. I am married to a wonderful woman who accepts my fascination with bras, though she doesn’t share my interest.

On this blog I will post stories about some of my bra activities and adventures. Polite and relevant comments are invited. My intent is to keep the site fairly clean, but some adult topics may come up so it is probably best for those over 18.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your blog! Good stuff indeed. I too get off on shopping bras and have many, but these days I am more into panties too and sometimes nylons. Still, there is something about bras isn’t there!?? I do not go out dressed and admire your ability to do so.


  2. Several years ago I caught my hubby masturbating while wearing one of my nicer bra and panty sets. It made me mad so I immediately measured him up and went out and bought him some of his own. It was hard to get a bra that fit him well. He has ample man boobs that nicely fill a B cup but his nipples are further apart than a woman’s. A Bali demi fit pretty well but the best one was a QT Intimate lace with side panels.

    The effect was amazing. It gave him lift and shaping and the truth of the matter was that he really needed a bra for support. I buy a lot of clothes from Nordstrom and have a personal shopper who I’ve worked with for years. The ones I bought him were good but he needed professional help so I took my hubby in and had her do one of the legendary Nordstrom bra fittings. I bought him several everyday bras and a couple sexy ones. I also bought him several panties in everyday and sexy. He has a small penis and unless he has an erection you can barely tell he’s a guy when he’s wearing them.

    Like I said, that was years ago. Now he wears a bra every day. His favorites for every day are the Bali Comfort Revolution ones. He was hard on panties, especially when he began wearing them every day. I now buy them from Costco for him.


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