Another Bra Shopping Trip

I hadn’t been shopping for bras for quite a while so a few days ago I decided it was time. I went to Penney’s and Kohl’s. I had seen pictures of a new model bra by Vanity Fair that looked interesting and wanted to see it in person and if possible try some on. It is called the Flattering Lift bra and has three section cut and sewn unlined underwire cups, a style that I really like. It is a fairly new style but it seemed to be sold many places online for closeout prices. I wanted to check them out before they disappeared from the market.

I first went to Penney’s. I had seen the bra on their website but they did not have any in the store. I enjoyed looking around anyway and found some pretty lace bralettes on sale and a new underscore sports bra so took them to the dressing room to try on. I liked the bralettes so bought two.

I next went to Kohl’s. I always enjoy spending time in Kohl’s lingerie department. They have a wide selection and nice displays, as well as a large closeout rack where bargains can be found. The dressing room is right by the bras and usually not very busy so trying things  on is rarely a  problem. I found a display of the Vanity Fair bras I was looking for. They were still at the full retail price of $42.oo but I picked out a couple to try. Then I went to check the closeout racks and found that there were many of the same bras marked down to $4.20 which I liked much better. I picked out a few in pretty colors and some different sizes to compare, as well as a pretty purple Olga bra and another nice lace bra from their house brand and took all in to the dressing room. I really liked the look and the fit of the Vanity Fair’s and decided to buy three, each in a different color and slightly different size to wear with different forms.

The following pictures were all taken at Kohl’s. Sorry some are a little fuzzy. The last pic was taken in the dressing room showing all the bras I tried on there. The three VF bras I purchased are on the right. I will post some better pictures of the bras I bought soon.


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