Another Bra Excursion

I recently had the chance to visit another city and spent the day shopping for bras, new and used, in many different thrift stores, department stores and lingerie specialty stores. Here are a few pictures I took in some of the stores I visited.  Sorry the quality is not very good. This first picture is in a Von Maur department store. I had never been in a Von Maur before; they had some nice things but I didn’t buy anything there:

Here is a picture I took in the dressing room of a lingerie shop showing some of the many different bras I tried on. The SA’s there were very helpful, acting as though a man in a skirt trying on bras was an everyday occurance. I did buy one there.

The next three are in a JC Penney’s store. I bought two nice bras there.

On my way home I took one of my new bras into a rest stop restroom with me.

I will be posting  soon some pictures showing some of the many bras I bought that day.


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