Bra Shopping, Again 1

I love, love, love to browse the lingerie departments of different stores, looking at all the sexy bras, panties, and other lingerie. I love to touch them and hold them in my hands, feeling the soft materials. When circumstances are right, I love taking them into the dressing room and trying them on and buying them if they fit and I like them. When I can I like to take pictures so I can remember the experience. On a recent trip I visited several stores. Here are pictures from the first two:

First stop was Macy’s. I had never been in this store before; they had a nice selection but the SA was keeping a close eye on me and I wasn’t planning to buy anything there so I didn’t stay too long.  I only took these two pictures before I put the camera away:

p1050177 p1050178

My next stop was Penney’s. I like this particular store and have been there many times. There are rarely any SA’s in the area so I can browse freely as long as I want without feeling self-conscious. The dressing room is right nearby and usually empty so trying on bras is not a problem.

p1050180 p1050181 p1050182 p1050183 p1050184 p1050185 p1050192

Just to show that I am not entirely fixated on bras, here is a picture of a rack of panties.  Sorry it is pretty fuzzy:


I chose three bras to take into the dressing room to try on. I was pretty dark in the dressing room and I didn’t want to use my flash so they don’t show very well:p1050188

Here is a better picture of one of the two that I bought, taken after I returned home.  I really like this style- pretty lace, and it give a really nice shape to my bust. The other one I bought is the same style in black.



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