Organizing my bra drawer

I have many, many bras. They are in boxes, bags, drawers, and piles here and there throughout my house. The most readily accessible are in a dresser drawer in my bedroom.  The drawer was getting too full, with bras and panties, and disorganized so a few days ago I decided it was time to see what was in there. Here is a picture of the drawer before:


Here are the contents of the drawer after I dumped it out on my bed. There were 49 bras, 44 panties, and one swimsuit:

dsc07041 dsc07042 dsc07043

I started laying the bras out so I could see better what was there:

dsc07044 dsc07045

The bed wasn’t long enough for all of them, so I had to layer some on top:

dsc07046 dsc07047 dsc07048

Finally, I put them back in the drawer, lined up so I can see better what is there:


I couldn’t fit everything back in the drawer.  Here is what was left over, all the wirefree bras and bralettes and many pairs of panties. I haven’t figured out where to put them yet:



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