Contrasting Lingerie Departments

A few days ago I visited two very different stores and was able to browse and take some pictures in their lingerie departments. Sorry- many of the pictures are pretty fuzzy- I need to work on my stealth photo technique. The first store was Dillard’s, an upscale department store. It was spacious, attractively laid out, and featured many quality brands of lingerie, with most bras priced at $50.00 and up:

2016-09-19-16-18-05-copy 2016-09-19-16-18-32-copy 2016-09-19-16-21-00-copy 2016-09-19-16-21-30-copy 2016-09-19-16-21-52-copy 2016-09-19_16-17 2016-09-19_16-18 2016-09-19_16-19 2016-09-19_16-19a 2016-09-19_16-20

Next I went to Meijer’s, a big box discount store. Some of their bras were pretty, but clearly not the quality of what I saw at Dillard’s. Most if not all bras were less than $20, some much less. They were packed together on the racks in order to maximize use of floor space:

2016-09-19-18-59-08-copy 2016-09-19-18-59-27-copy 2016-09-19-18-59-39-copy 2016-09-19-18-59-49-copy


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