While I prefer to wear a bra as much as possible, there are occasions where it is just not practical to do so. For those times and whenever else I like, I have come up with a way to wear a bra more discreetly. I call my invention bra-panties. I take a pair of full cut nylon brief panties, which are my favorite style, and cut out the cup of a suitable bra that may not fit well when worn in the traditional fashion, and sew the cup to the front of the panties, cutting out the nylon panty material in that area. The bra cup forms a lovely pocket to cradle my male parts in comfort.

Here are some pictures of a couple of bra-panties that I have made. The first is made from a pair of Vanity Fair panties and the yellow ones from Penney’s Underscore panties. The bra and the panties were originally white and I dyed them yellow. I like to use bras with light fiberfill padding, which gives me a nice cozy feeling and is soft and flexible to fit against my parts.

dsc06673 dsc06675 dsc06678 dsc06684


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