Another bra shopping road trip

On another recent trip out of state, I had the opportunity to visit a good number of thrift stores and lingerie stores and bought a good selection of bras and other goodies. All together this is what I bought:
-35 bras, 2 panties, 1 camisole, 1 full slip, 1 half slip, 1 nighty, 1 garter belt.  Most were very inexpensive items from thrift stores; just a handful were new. Around 1/4 of them are sizes and styles that I can wear myself; the others are just pretty or interesting and I enjoy having them around. Here are some pictures I took of the whole lot after I returned from the trip.







This final picture is some of the bras drying after I  washed them.  I hand washed and air dried all of the second hand bras and other items.



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