Penney’s Again

After leaving the Maidenform store, I went to a nearby mall to visit the Penney’s store. I was interested in trying on and hopefully buying an Underscore soft cup bra that I had my eye on, as well as browsing through all the other bras.  As is often the case in Penney’s stores, there was no SA around so I took my  time, snapped a few pictures, and selected my bra to try on in the dressing room. The bra is a fairly basic style, in a 38A. The cups are not big enough to hold my breast forms but I think it will work well for those days when I just want to keep things simple and go without forms.

The first picture shows my bra hanging on the rack, then there are a couple I took in the dressing room after trying it on, then several general views around the bra department. I was dressed fairly androgynously that day, in women’s shorts and a feminine looking t-shirt, but making no attempt to pass as female.

p1050080 p1050093 p1050096 p1050081 p1050083-3 p1050085 p1050086 p1050087 p1050089 p1050090 p1050091-2


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