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After my visit to Lady Grace, my next stop was a large regional mall.  I was still wearing my skirt and had never been to such a public and busy place in a skirt before but I thought “what the heck, I will never have a better opportunity”.  My first stop was the food court where I bought some lunch and took it to a table to eat.  I got a few looks, but no one said anything and I enjoyed my lunch.  After lunch I went to the Soma store. I had heard a lot of good things about Soma bras but there was no store near me, so I was anxious to check them out. The store was very nice, a little smaller than I had pictured it, but well laid out and pleasant. The two SA’s were very welcoming and offered to assist. I was quite impressed by the bras- they were very pretty and looked like they were well made. The prices were a little higher than I was prepared to spend, though not unreasonable for the quality.  There was a closeout rack with some at lower prices.  I found three there that I liked and asked to try them.  The SA said “of course” and showed me to a fitting room.  Two of the bras fit well so I took them to the counter to purchase.  All in all a nice store and a nice experience.  Below is a picture of the three bras I tried on in the dressing room and the two that I bought.  More from the mall in my next post.

In the Soma dressing room
In the Soma dressing room
My new Soma bras

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