Shopping at Lady Grace

Back to my shopping excursion, I was a little nervous about going about in a skirt and feminine top while still presenting as male. The next stop on my list was another Goodwill store.  I took a deep breath and got out of the car and walked in to the store.  I browsed the skirts, dresses, and bras and didn’t see anything I really liked so returned to the car empty handed.  No one yelled at me or pointed and the sky didn’t fall so I felt a bit encouraged to keep wearing my skirt. I find that skirts are very comfortable and I think they can look good on someone of any gender so why should they be off limits to half the population?

My next stop was Lady Grace, a lingerie seller with several stores around New England as well as online and mail order sales.  I had been looking at their website and was really looking forward to visiting the store. I had imagined the store would be bigger but it was still a good size and it gave me a thrill to be surrounded by racks and racks of lovely bras and other feminine items, some styles and brands I had never seen before. The sales assistants greeted me politely but not particularly warmly. There was at least one other customer in the store at the time and I did not want my presence to make anyone uncomfortable so I quietly looked around on my own.

I found one bra that I wanted to try on, so asked the SA if that would be alright and she took me through the back room to the bathroom. At first I was a little put off by using the bathroom instead of a proper dressing room, but then realized that it was probably for the best, as a mother was with her daughter trying on special occasion bras in the dressing room area and they might not appreciate having a “dirty old man” in a skirt in the next cubicle. The SA suggested another bra in my size to try, so I tried on the two. One was a little tight so I asked if they had it in a larger band size. They did so I tried that on and it fit fine. Returning to the front, the SA’s were still busy with another customer so I left the bras I wanted with them at the counter and browsed a bit more. I found one more bra that I liked, a very pretty lace Wacoal that was on sale for a very good price, so I went back to the bathroom to try it on, but unfortunately it did not fit well.

The two bras that I bought were a Dominique wirefree in a 38A and a Trulife pocketed mastectomy bra, 40A in pink- very pretty, with lace trim. I also bought three pairs of Carole nylon panties, a very traditionally styled “high waist panty” that is hard to find. I had some Carole panties before and really liked them.  The panties were plain and white, which is not my favorite, but I plan to dye them to a more interesting color and add some lace trim for interest.  I was disappointed that they did not stock a garter belt I was interested in that they sell online.

Here are some pictures of my purchases:


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