How it all began

My first experiences with bras were when I was about 13 and I discovered my mother’s bras and panties in the dirty clothes hamper. The panties were plain cotton briefs, but I found them much softer and more comfortable than the boy’s “tighty whities” that I had been wearing. Although I already enjoyed looking at the bra ads in the newspaper and magazines and mail order catalogs, it was a new experience for me to touch, smell and wear the real thing. Her bras were the “Cross Your Heart” style, probably by Playtex, that were very popular at the time.



I was also learning about masturbation around the same time and made good use of her bras and panties, wrapping them around my hard cock and jerking off. I had to be careful to return things to the hamper before laundry day and try to hide any evidence of my activities. On quite a few occasions I wore Mom’s panties under my trousers. Her bras were too big for me and I couldn’t wear them under my shirt for fear of being caught, but I did on a few occasions fasten her bra around my hips under her panties, even going to church like that one time, trying to keep my raging hard-on under control.


Before too long I moved on from the clothes hamper and began to explore her closet and dresser drawers where I found some nicer items that she was saving for special occasions. Whenever I had a chance, when no one else was at home I would try on outfits and usually end up jerking off, then scramble to put everything back the way I found it. As far as I know, no one ever knew of my activities.



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