More shopping

The next stop on my shopping trip was another thrift store, this time a Salvation Army store. Here I bought a nice Wacoal black seamless bra in a 38C. I love Wacoal bras and this was just my size.  I also bought something called a “Chic Shaper” . I didn’t know what it was in the store but it looked interesting.  It is like a racerback bra with a standard bra fastening in the front and two straps on each side. There are no cups. When I looked it up later I learned that it is designed to  be worn on top of your bra, and it pushes your breasts up and in while holding your shoulders back. When I tried it on later, it was just my size, and it truly did push my tiny tits out a bit.


Before starting out that day, I put on a 38C bra with silicone forms under my t-shirt and some opaque stockings and a garter belt with shorts.  I present as male and have no wish to appear fully female, though I do enjoy and prefer clothing that is generally thought of as women’s.  Since I was far from home and unlikely to see anyone I knew, this day was an  opportunity to be more open in my clothing preferences than I am around home. I found a skirt that I liked and a more feminine looking t-shirt with some pretty embroidery. I bought those as well, and since the skirt didn’t have any pockets, I also picked up a purse to carry my wallet and keys, etc.  After checking out, I returned to my car and changed into my new skirt and top to wear for the rest of the days stops. I will write more about those soon.


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