Bra shopping trip

One of my favorite activities is shopping for lingerie, especially bras.  On a recent trip to another part of the country I had the opportunity do spend a day bra shopping in a variety of stores. I love to shop at second hand thrift stores both because of the low prices and because they will often have older or vintage style bras which I generally prefer to many current styles.

My first stop this day was a Goodwill store. They had a large rack with many bras but unfortunately most of them were new, cheaply made, molded cup bras that I wasn’t interested in. I did find two that I liked so bought them:


The black one is a Comfort Choice front close posture bra, size 40C and the green one is a Cacique unlined underwire 42C. I was excited to find the black one since I had been looking for a posture bra for a long time and this one was near my size, prettier than most, and had adjustable straps, which many posture bras don’t have. When I tried it on later at home, it fit quite well and was very comfortable but the wirefree cups don’t hold my silicone forms in place very well. Maybe I can add some pockets in the future. The Cacique bra is too big for me but it is so pretty I bought it for my collection.


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